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The incoherent stragglings of G.

If not good... Hopefully entertaining??

Gabrielle Nykol
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I have a tendency to ponder things that I hear in the news, read in the paper and listening in on other peoples conversations. HEH. Like everyone else I have my opinion on certain things and then wonder how in the hell some people come up with the opinions that they have made.

Basically I just ramble on and ask questions of others to gain some incite. Sometimes the topics border on being deep or controversial but usually they are just a bunch of ranting and rambling from yours truly. :)

I live in Ft. Collins Colorado and teach karate at least two nights a week here then go down to Denver to train and do some learning of my own. Though I learn so much from my students while teaching, it's all a learning experience.

I just finished writing my first real novel (woot!) and I'm now in the process of editing.

I welcome comments, questions and things to ponder. Opposing views are fine as long you can remain respectful. Bigots and jerks are not welcome and I will delete yur comments. If yur entertained feel free to friend me and if ya make me think or smile I'll friend you.